Job opportunity in Sweden
SafeSearch is currently looking for Rope Access climbers for work in the Swedish capital Stockholm. We need L1-L3 IRATA technicians for work this summer.

About the work
The work to be done will primarily be window-cleaning inside and outside on prime locations in the center of Stockholm. We also do work in heavy industry and the construction industry, so you may be assigned to some of these jobs as well.

We pay Swedish market-salary and will cover your airplane tickets and covid-test. Accommodation is a challenge in Stockholm, but we will help you find something that suits you. If you have a van you can stay for a minimal fee on a nice location in the forest outside Stockholm.

About us
We are a relatively new company on the Swedish market, but the people behind SafeReach have many years of experience in Rope Access.

Our goal is to provide better services to our customers and have better work-conditions for our climbers than other companies in the industry. We do this by having good planning and preparations for the work to be done. We aim to hire dynamic teams that have fun together and we place a lot of focus on communication.

We are currently expanding our business so you will be part of an evolving business and have influence on your work and the work-processes that we develop.

About you
We are looking for climbers who like to ‘Work hard and play hard’.

Working for SafeReach is a good opportunity for driven and hard-working RA-climbers. We aim to deliver superior results for our customers, so this opportunity is for climbers who aim to be/become superior Rope Access technician. We will provide the tools you need to develop your skills. You will be expected to take an active role in the teams delivery to our customers.

We also have fun together as a team, so if you are a really funny person, that’s definitely merit. Most of our climbers are globe-trotting, easy-going van-living ski- and climbing bums. If this sounds like you, you will fit right in. ? (We are also trying to recruit a hot female base-jumper from Colombia, but she hasn’t confirmed yet.)

If this opportunity sounds interesting, welcome to reach out to us. We will schedule a video call and take it from there.