• Introduction to work at height. Perceptions of risk and regulations.

    • Theoretical concepts of work at height: safety chain, fall factor, shock forces.

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), use and maintenance.

    • Collective protections and individual protections

    • Introduction to fall arrest systems, anchors, permanent and temporary life lines.

    • Installation of temporary life lines, free fall distance.

    • Basic techniques of access and positioning in height.

    • Evacuation devices.

    • Situations and action in case of emergency: P.A.S.

    • Suspension rescue and trauma


    • Use and revision of different Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s).

    • Displacement in elevated areas. Assurance through the use of permanent and / or temporary horizontal life lines.

    • Vertical safe displacement, use of fall arresters, hooks and retractors.

    • Use of permanent and / or mobile anchor points.

    • Basic knots

    • Rope protection

    • Installation and verification of different anchor points.

    • Installation of temporary life lines: vertical and horizontal.

    • Load tests with digital dynamometer.

    • Emergency simulation: P.A.S.

    • Simulation of rescue of workers.


8 Hours theoretical / practical


-Technicians who perform their professional activity with danger of fall in height.


    • Older than 18 years-old.

    • Physical fitness appropriate for the activity.

    • No previous experience is required.