There are three inspections that must be done to keep our personal protective equipment safe:

-Pre-use inspection

-Circumstantial inspection

-Rigorous inspections

The TTR Inspection and Inspection course is related to the rigorous inspections that must be carried out on our equipment once a year, as required by manufacturers and national regulations.


-Theoretical-practical course to acquire the knowledge and appropriate capacity to thoroughly review the Individual Protection Equipment (PPE) and to obtain a certificate of competence.

Who is it addressed to?

-Those people hired by the employer, responsible for the review of PPE against falls from height.

-Entrepreneurs or technicians responsible for the in-depth review;

-Self-employed; Technicians of P.R.L…

-Responsible of people using PPE against falls from height; For example: instructors, supervisors, team leaders, etc.

-PPE users against falls from height who wish to expand their knowledge and ability to perform the in-depth review.


-Introduction to risk assessment and related decision making.

-Notions of potential risks related to the use of PPE against falls from height.

-To know the general aspects of the regulation and the recommendations for use of PPE, as well as the obligations for the creation and the placement in the market.

-Introduction to competence of the inspector.

-Use of PPE against falls from height.

-How does the PPE against falls from height work

-Responsibility of the employer and the inspector.

-Understanding of the technical file.

-Sensitization on corrective actions: information to the user and / or the management of the company.

-Tools / environment necessary for the revision of PPE against falls from height.