IRATA is the highest certification in the world for a professional vertical worker. If you are looking for IRATA courses in Barcelona, ​​in TTR you will find them. The objective of this training is the learning to be able to work in access with ropes by the most effective and safe form during the rescues as well as to work in height. At TTR we are accredited members of the IRATA association – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association – to provide you with high quality training. All our teachers are accredited IRATA level 3 / I.  If you successfully complete the course, you will get many opportunities for your professional life as a technician in vertical jobs.

Formación IRATA Trabajos puerto

The IRATA training will allow you to be a specialist in vertical work and act without problems even in difficult situations. You will get the title of ‘IRATA Rope Access Technician’. It is the most recognized course in our sector and authorizes you to carry out your profession worldwide. During your training, you will learn and practice many manoeuvres and rescues under the established International Code of Practice (ICOP), and then you will undergo a demanding evaluation. Our IRATA courses are meant to make you an expert in the field, it is not only about the certification, you will be able to work with maximum security in your day to day. And for you to have total confidence, you must know that this association regularly audits its members, and TTR repeatedly fulfils the high criteria of affiliation imposed by the entity.

IRATA certificate and its different levels have become an indispensable requirement for all specialists in vertical work and rope access.

IRATA level 1: Rope access technician capable of performing all kinds of rope manoeuvres, as well as performing basic rope rescue and installations.

IRATA level 2: Rope access technician capable of performing all kinds of rope manoeuvres as well as performing complex installations and a large number of rescues on ropes or structures.

Direct access to IRATA level 2: Course for vertical work technicians with a lot of experience working on ropes who want to opt for the IRATA level 1 and 2 courses at the same time.

IRATA level 3: Rope access technician capable of supervising projects and working teams, and performing all sorts of rescues on ropes and structures.

Welcome to your future.