Course is addressed to technicians of vertical works with a lot of experience working at heights that want to make the IRATA course of level 1 and 2 at the same time. The IRATA level 2 certification enables you to work anywhere around the world, to make rescues and advanced installations.

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    • ICOP – Code of Good Practice ( IRATA)
    • TACS – Structure training IRATA system
    • PPE
    • Safety and prevention at heights.
    • IRATA level 1 and 2 exam.


    • Review and use of the Personal Protection Equipment.
    • Up / Down with Descendant.
    • Up / Down with ascender. Type Croll.
    • Knotting in the middle of ropes
    • Rope Changes
    • Turn offs.
    •  Manoeuvre to overcome short fractions.
    • Protection overcoming 90 degrees
    • Manoeuvre to overcome protectors in the middle of strings.
    • Movement on horizontal structure by anchors.
    • Movements by horizontal structures.
    • Rescue of victim with descender.
    • Use of unscheduled facilities for rescue.
    • Use of pulley systems to lift a load.
    • Review of IPE
    • Rescue of victim when ascending.
    • Victim rescue during the exchange of ropes.
    • Rescue of victim in short fractionation.
    • Rescue of victim in diversion.
    • Rescue of victim on structure.
    • Lift of the victim with pulley system and auxiliary rope.
    • Handling of loads, system cross loads and zip lines.
    • Use of hoists.
    • Complex ropes installations.
    • Installation of ropes with separate anchors, triangulations.
    • Installation of lifelines.
    • Appropriate choice in the use of rope protection.
    • Installation with recoverable system.


The IRATA direct entry at level 2 consists of 7 days of training and 2 days of assessment by independent assessor, total 9 consecutive days.


    • Older then 20
    • Physical fitness appropriate for the activity.
    • Approval of documentation by independent IRATA verifier


    • Document 1:  030 Standard IRATA model
    • Document 2: Curriculum vitae
    • Document 3: References of hours worked sealed and signed by your company
    • Document 4: Standard of work used in vertical access
    • Document 5: Details of the company which you have worked for

Please contact us for more details about the documents.


  • Digital certificate of IRATA
  • IRATA license
  • RATA logbook


  • All IRATA courses are valid for three years and can be renewed at any IRATA centre around the world.
  • All IRATA courses are valid for three years and can be renewed at any IRATA centre around the world.