GWO TRAINING - First aid

Our goal is to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge’s and skills in order to:

To be able to act in emergency situations in wind turbines according to the requirements of the

Basic Training Module in First Aid Safety (GWO BST – First Aid).


The course is theoretical / practical, with duration of 16h, and with the following content:


 -Anatomy (sudden illnesses and traumas)

  -Management of incidents

  -First aid in situations of immediate risk of death

  -Basic Life Support (SVB)

  -Obstruction of the Respiratory Tract




  -Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  -Other Emergencies

  -Injuries due to cold and heat

  -Fractures and dislocations

  -Sprains and sprains

  -Crush injuries

  -Psychological Emergencies

  -Practical exercises in a real context, in a controlled space and environment