Confined Spaces

Practical and theoretical course that gives the student the basic knowledge regarding safety and prevention in work in confined spaces.


-Specific and general risks in confined spaces.

-Definition and types of confined spaces.

-Related Legislation: R.D. 485/1997, R.D. 1215/1997, R.D. 773/1997.

-Atmospheres in confined spaces: noxious, explosive, irritating, sub oxygenated, super oxygenated. Measurements

-necessary equipment to enter to a confined space

-Description and use of PPE in confined spaces.

-Protocol of entry and exit from/to a confined space.

-Description and use of fall arrest systems and impact absorption.

-Action in case of emergency.

-Rescue in confined spaces.

-Access and rescue manoeuvres with tripod.

-Ascent and descent by stairs and fixed ladders.

-Anchors: fastening systems.

-Fall facilities and factors.

-Installation and use of temporary horizontal and vertical life lines.

-Progression on metallic structures and adjustable positioning.