Basic Vertical Work

Course of vertical works according to RD / 2177/2004, valid to work in any part of the Spanish territory and given by IRATA level 3 instructors.

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Technicians who want to start or Professionals of vertical jobs who want to expand their knowledge in access techniques and positioning on ropes. This course qualifies you to work in any part of the Spanish territory.



– RD 2177/2044 Minimum safety and health requirements for vertical works

-Revision of individual protection equipment, ropes, tapes, karabiners, etc …

-Procedures: work and rescue


-Review and use of the Individual Protection Equipment.

-Up / Down with Descendant.

-Up / Down with ascender. Type Croll.

-Knotting in the middle of ropes

-Rope Changes

-Turn offs.

-Manoeuvre to overcome short fractions.

-Manoeuvre to overcome protections:  90 degrees

-Manoeuvre to overcome protectors in the middle of ropes

-Movement by horizontal structure on anchors.

-Movements by horizontal structures.

-Rescue of victim with descender.

-Use of unscheduled facilities as rescue.

-Use of pulley systems to lift a load.

-Installations and knots on separate anchors.


The course of basic vertical works RD2177 / 2004 has duration of three consecutive days


    • Physical fitness appropriate for the activity.
    • No previous experience is required.