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At TTR, leading centre for IRATA training, we want to be your ally if you want to train yourself in vertical works and rescue jobs. Five minutes far from the airport and the centre of Barcelona, ​​we put at your disposal our equipment and facilities both to carry out your IRATA training course.

IRATA training course is the highest authority for rope access work and formation or GWO – specific for works in wind turbines. We are a company certified and audited by IRATA and pioneers in Spain for seven years, at which time we have also become a recognized centre at European level. We offer you all our experience to accompany you in your training related to vertical works.
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Curso de trabajos verticales IRATA Barcelona
In TTR we have a goal. We want our students to be aware that they did not only obtained their degree and so they are internationally validated for works in height and rope access, but that they are sufficiently prepared to develop, with the maximum guarantees of safety and trust, a profession that requires vertical work. Our facilities provide an environment more than 12 meters high, in an area of ​​more than 300 meters square, where you can practice manoeuvres, rescue, movement of cross loads in suspension, work in confined spaces, lifelines … with all kinds of structures that simulate real scenarios. Also, all TTR trainers have the highest IRATA accreditation: Level 3, Instructor.

Nowadays, our company Training Team Rescue S.L has two training centres. TTR Europe in Barcelona and TTR America in Santiago de Chile. In both we train people through the necessary courses to develop vertical jobs in any sector: building, wind industry (wind turbines), geotechnics, offshore (oil platforms) and, in general, all sectors that imply this qualification for their employees. Whether you are self-employed or private, as if you are an entrepreneur and need a reference centre for vertical jobs in Barcelona for your employees, at TTR we want to help you to be an expert in works in height and rope access. And, why not, if you are an amateur too!

Formación IRATA - GWO

 Our training courses in vertical jobs especially attend the learning of rescue work.

Thanks to the IRATA and GWO certification, we guarantee the safest international techniques. If you are looking for a recognized centre in training courses in vertical jobs and rescue, your training and professional career passes through here. The TTR curriculum, as a leading centre in Europe, is created to offer you an international certification in vertical jobs that really suppose a definitive formation for you and your future, and prepare you to face all kinds of situations in your profession. As an added value, we can affirm with satisfaction that TTR has one of the highest percentages of approved pupils within the IRATA courses worldwide.
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Warranty of Approved
Training Team Rescue has one of the highest percentages of approved pupils within the IRATA companies worldwide.
Indoor installations, more than 11 meters high with all kinds of structures simulating real scenarios. Rope departures by parapets, towers, nacel and platforms
International Certificate
Company certified and audited by IRATA international and Global wind Organization.
The best trainers
All Training Team Rescue trainers have the highest IRATA accreditation: level 3- Instructor.


TTR International Mikel Gomez

Mikel Gómez

Technical director in Training Team Rescue. Trainer / Supervisor of IRATA-GWO. He has a great experience in training people around Spain and working all over the world.
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Alex Marín

Chief of Project Development in Training Team Rescue s.l, Level 3 IRATA Technician trained by TTR, leader among European training centres for its wide dimensions, services, performance and quality.